Welcome to the ARhAyas Productions AMCC-MCEO Website and Online Store.
Here you will find a selection of products to further your education of the Tan-Tri-Ahura™ series teachings. These teachings focus on spiritual growth, self-actualization and reclamation of our birth right of Eternal Life Ascension, utilizing AMCC-MCEO plasma technologies and sacred information stored on the KU’mA-yah Alhumbhra Crystal Discs, as translated by AMCC-MCEO Speaker-1 E’Asha Ashayana. 
 Our official informative website is coming soon. This website is just to make our current ARhAyas Production products available as soon as possible to those that would like to purchase them.
Link: AMCC-MCEO AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas official egroup

The Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings and related technologies are offered for theoretical exploration only; not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, ailment or affliction.

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    • August 2014 DVD Workshop Released!

      Last AMCC-MCEO Master-Grid Event & Workshop of 2014Introduction to Tan-Tri-A’Ra -The Art of Bio-Spiritual Self-Healing™- ShiftMasters™- Course-2 Intro  -Proga™, “Ahura-gami” & the Paragon Complex - The “Sounds of Light,  Music on the Air & the Joyful Dance of Atoms” - “The Progon, Ahuragon, Paragon & Pole Sun Bio-Keys to your Infinite...

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    • EarthCync™ Free Link-In Journey Released!

      A new journey has been released! For those that wish to catch up with the latest frequencies and activations this "Journey to the EFF-i-yah State - Parts 1-5 EarthCync™ Free Link-In" has been provided for download. The full 12 Part-48 Step journey was released in the KDDL2 workshop and will...

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