• ShiftMasters™ Course-1 - Aruba 2014 Workshop DVD & Manual Set

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6DVDs + 1 Audio CD + 141 Page Manual

Welcome to our first ARhAyas Tan-Tri-Ahura™ Immersion retreat, situated on the sunny shores of Palm Beach Aruba!

This ShiftMasters™ Course is the first in the 12-Course ShiftMasters™/ HostMasters ™/ EarthCync™ Series; part of the AMCC-MCEO Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™

In over 14 hours of live presentation time, the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™ Keynote  Program includes:

* Exciting new Tan-Tri-Ahura™ Teachings Integral Bridge™ & Plasmantiks™ technologies, including introduction to 6 “Plasmantiks Apps™” ( no, they’re not for your cell phone).

* Introduction to the Krystal River Host Big Dream Vision-Mission, the KRH DroemmeBoalge™, KRH DroemmeTeam™, the DroemmeMestere™ Awakening & the Ahu-Stri’-yah E-LAi-sa Al-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disc Libraries of A-RHI’-yah.

* Multiple Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™ Sessions, including ShiftMasters™ and HostMasters™  Sessions, 2 EarthCync™events and several site-tour & private pool Celebrations.

* A “ShiftMasters™ Perspectives Panel” interactive Speakers Q&A Roundtable

This workshop contains a huge amount of never before seen data. Other workshop session  topics include:

“Things that go bump in the night”-the Authentic Self & Inorganic Bi-polar Body. Beasties,  Banshees, Goat Brain & the Plasma Body Split; Banishing Your Beasties , the “C-FREE  Command” Plasmantiks™ App & DroemmeMestere™ greeting.

Operation Un-Plug, Shifting the Ties that Bind You - The KarUsic Templates, Algorithms, the  LAMA, the RAS, the LOA & the “Switchboard”.

A-RHI’-yah KHY-Site 2 Engagement -1 & Daily Do; El Faro Blanco “Light House" Celebration.

The HostMasters™ Vision & Mission: Shift your LAMA, Shift your Life- Intentions, Projections,  Outcomes, Impact, Sacred Language & Song; the Integral Bridge™, “KRH DroemmeTeam”,  “Integrally Speaking LAMA Shift-1”, and the A-RHI’-yah Dream-Wave Up-Shift Engagement.

The KRH DroemmeTeam Vision & Mission: Night Vision & the Stuff that Dreams are Made Of -  Dream Projection & the Libraries of Time, Weavers, Warriors, Cave-dwellers &  DroemmeMestere™ of the Sacred Dreamtime, Learning to See in the Dark, “Integral Vision LAMA Shift-2”

“Karrier Waves of the KRH, the Power of Presence in Broadcasting Brevity-a few examples,  the Theme Song for the Krystal River Host, and the “Integral Bridge™ Sound The Songs Project”. If we Link them they will Hum; if we Cync them they will Run!

Looking Forward, Onward, Upward & Dreamward in the “KRH A-RHI’-yah Dream-Wave Up-Shift”- a quick-peek at the August 2014 program preview- “The Integral Bridge™, Integral Realities™, Plasmantiks™ & introduction to the PROGA™ Perspective.

Please note: This product includes E'Asha's presentation sessions only. It does not include Guest Speaker presentations (DrQ, Suchi Waters)

All materials and presentations are offered for Theoretical Exploration only.
Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.