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Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living-KDDL Course™ Series-

 ELEMENT-3+ ShiftMasters™-2 Part-1:

The Theoretical Reality of Everything, Rainbow Reconnection Re-Evolution, the “Nomi-gene” & Eff-im-a’-rhal Manifestation

Live-stream Broadcast
-3 from Cathedral-1 BridgeWay™ Station-1 Network Sarasota, Florida.


Event Type:   Online Live-Stream Event

Date:   Currently ongoing. Replays are available 24x7. Attendees emailed when new live session is upcoming.

Event Length:   6+ hours

Itinerary:   KDDL-3 Full Itinerary

KDDL-3 Event Information & PURCHASE/REGISTRATION: Registration and Info



Offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.
All materials © E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas & ™ 2014-2015 ARhAyas Productions, LLC.
All program content & techniques represent AMCC-MCEO-GA Theoretical Perspectives

Past Events:

  • April 2 - 15, 2014 - Aruba - The 1st Annual AMCC-MCEO ShiftMasters™ Immersion Program Retreat
    • KDDL1 - Dec 20-22, 2014 Live-stream Workshop

      • 6 Page KDDL Course™ Announcement & Registration - LINK

      • Live-stream registration page (Please read 6 Page announcement first) - LINK
    • KDDL2 - Mar 20-Sep 28th 2015 Live-stream Workshop - “BEING THERE, BEING HUMAN, BEING PRESENT”, the Endless Love Field, Eternal Memory, & the Planetary PAN-CLAIR-AH™ Awakening-“UFI”, “EFFI”, Time Waves, ELF Lull-Point, the TrhU’-ah Flows Frequency Rounds Formula,Ananda-1 VAR’s Sequence” & Non-random Inevitable RE-evolution of Consciousness