• Angelic Realities: The Survival Handbook

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The most up-to-date, action-packed overview available on contemporary Angelic and ET contact, including a brief description of the alien visitors, what they look like, and how to distinguish among them.

Angelic Realities: THE Survival Handbook is a collection of summary charts and condensations of information from Ashayana's workshops, covering these and other important topics:

  • Who Are The Visitors And Where Do They Come From?
  • How Humans Are Chosen For Visitor Contact
  • 15 Primary Methods Of Visitor Contact & Manipulation
  • Why Have The Visitors Returned?
  • Parallel Earth And Time Blend
  • Ancient Roots Of The One-World Order
  • How Humanity Lost Awareness of Its Soul
  • Results Of Ancient Text Distortions
  • Why Humans Remain In Conflict
  • Human Race Lines, Starseeds & DNA Substrand Matrices
  • Primary Hybrid Types
  • 3 Primary Visitor Agendas
  • Reclaiming Your Power
  • Posturing For Empowerment In Contact
  • Realizing Your Role As An Empowered Contactee
  • What Not To Do In Visitor Contact
  • Introduction To 15-dimensional Human Anatomy
  • Visitor Differentiation Techniques
  • 5 Techniques For Disengaging Visitor Manipulation
  • 6 Steps Toward Joy

129 Pages. PDF Digital Download or Printed 3 Ring Binder versions available.