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ShiftMasters™ - Course 1: December 2013

In this Course-1 Seminar, the first in the ShiftMasters™ 12-Level Course Series; Part of the AMCC-MCEO Tan-Tri-Ahura™ Teachings, we gather to participate in the Planetary Homecoming EarthCync™ celebration Event and dinner with live music by Suchi Waters Benjamin, assist in activation of KHY sites 1 and 3, learn 12 new techniques, experience 12 Chismatic Field Activations and become acquainted with 12 new Virtual Brevity Codes.

Join us as we learn about the Secrets of EFFI™: The Hidden Powers of Consciousness, Concave & Convex Reality, "Cave-dwellers", the Ancient Ancestral Code & the "Cloak of ARI-Yon'ah", - "The Dreams, the Schemes & the Liquids"; embodying our Eternal Self & embracing our Co-Creative Power.

Investigate Theoretical Cosmology, the Tangible Reality of you and practical potentials in theoretical exploration of mind, matter, manifestation and Neurogenesis.

Find out more about the E-LAi-sian Fields structure and eternal cosmology, the Plasma Fields of E.F.F.I., the caves of creation, and the eternal ancient eyes of EFFI flows.

Review information on the Cos-MA-'yah, the Cos-MY'ah, and Cos-Min'-Yahas - What is beyond the Cos-MY'ah level and how is it connected to the God-Source Consciousness Field?

The Freedom Teachings™ taught us about the structure of external creation. We now move into the study of the structure of Internal Creation of the DhA-ya-TEi Planes including the 48 Ahu-Stri-jheic Planes, the Lud'far, DreA'ma, Sche'ma, ARI-Yon'ah Plasma-spectra Bases and the 4 Ahu-Stri'-jheic Plasma Elemental-command Control-Templates of manifestation, that relate to ParTE 'KEI mechanics, Dark Matter Templates and our Aah-JhA Hydroacoustic body.

Explore the plasma body, the parental code and how it relates to the human body core creation sequence, the 666 mutation, plasma body anatomy and development. We learn more about how to regain command of our vehicles, our MEmeatic, authentic and eternal identities, and becoming authentic to embrace the eternal for a deeper understanding of love and conscious co-creation of our Big Life Now. We are introduced to the Eternal Love of the Long Time Sun and the ShiftMasters™ Motto-code:

Be the Change. Be the Action. BE the ACTION that MAKES THE CHANGE HAPPEN!



All Materials ©2013 E’Asha Ashayana & ©2013 ARhAyas Productions. Offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.