KDDL3 - Live-stream Registration & Info




$144 + Fees

  • Cleeng Fee - $4.98
  • Paying with Paypal - $16
  • VAT for European customers

Please note: VAT is calculated based on what country the order is placed from. Eg - If you are a US citizen with a US credit card but place the order from France, you will be charged in Euros and be subject to VAT

What is included in the price:

Live-stream event. Replays provided as a courtesy only.



All completed KDDL3 sessions become available on our livestream page 24x7 when we are not live. Replays available for 12 days after event end (no extensions).

1)   When we are not streaming live, the replays will appear on the same livestream page shortly after session end.

2)   Replays of the previous session are usually posted within 12 hours. Any completed KDDL3 workshop session video can be selected for viewing at any time via the replay menu.

3)   When we are ready for the next LIVE session, the replay screen will change back to the live screen "Waiting for broadcast to begin".



1)  Ensure your internet connection is adequate (at least 3mbit broadband) in order to view the live-stream.

2)  Visit the KDDL-3 Live-stream registration page. This is where you can both register for and watch the event.

Link: http://arhayas.cleeng.com/keylontic-discourses-for-daily-living-element-3/E300994325_US

3)   We recommend you bookmark the event page in your browser.

4)   Please read the FAQ found in the top left-hand corner of the Live-stream page. It answers many questions.


Registration & Viewing:

1)   From our live-stream page, click on the "Get your virtual ticket Now!" button to purchase access to the live-stream event. We recommend signing up by EMAIL.

  • You will need to register. If you have already registered for previous Arhayas events you can simply login.
  • Once purchased, you can click "Already have a ticket?" or login.


2)   Return to this live-stream page on Sep 22nd, 2015 to view the live-stream and each subsequent session. When we are not streaming live this same page will host all of the previous session's replays for you to watch at your leisure.

3)   Session times listed are subject to change. If session times are modified updates will be emailed to all participants. See below for our other update preferences.


Communication & Session Time Updates

1)   Session time updates are sent out three ways. Updates are emailed to all participants, posted to twitter: https://twitter.com/arhayas_amcc and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Arhayas/ You do not require logins/accounts to view our Twitter and Facebook pages.

2)   NOTE: Once a workshop session has started we switch to Twitter and Facebook updates only for the remainder of that session. These updates only cover short toilet breaks during a session etc.

3)   The latest start time information is also posted on the event page, when you scroll down to the "more details" section.




1)   Technical problems during the beginning of the live-stream can be sent to Cleeng. You can contact them by clicking on the FAQ on the live-stream page (top-left corner) and scrolling down to the contact form.

2)   Any further issues should be brought to our attention at office@arhayas.com (note that we are only in the office during normal office hours). Please do not use Twitter or Facebook for issue resolution.


Information & Technicals

1)   For best results of your live-stream.

  • Plug directly into your internet router and avoid wifi.
  • Ensure the device you use to view the event is the only device using your internet during the live stream.
  • Update to the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • Update to the latest version of Adobe Flash https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to view the event. Your mileage will vary using portable devices such as Ipads.
  • Close all other open programs on your computer
  • Before every session REFRESH your browser (hold SHIFT + Click refresh button in browser).

    2)   Stream still pausing and experiencing problems?

    • While NOT RECOMMENDED, you can manually adjust the quality of the stream if necessary, from the bottom right of your video screen once the event goes live. Note: Under normal circumstances it is best to leave on "auto" as this will also increase the quality when your internet connection is able.

    • You can also pause your stream for a few seconds to allow it to buffer before pressing play again.

    3)   Please read these other helpful FAQ's before the live-stream event: