• The Catheion Crucible Code Poster

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"The Catheion Crucible Code" Poster


The Catheion Crucible Code is a "Tryptophasiac Activator Code" that releases the ARhAyas AL-Hum-Bhrus Catheion Chismatic Seals, initiates opening of the E-LAi-sian Passage, activates the KHY-yon Living Lotus Seed Plasma-Tryptolase Generator, and initiates inflow of the 24 KHY-Wave Plasma Currents within the Chismatic Field Core Plasma Template and Neuronal Template.

   Activation of the KHY-yon and 24 KHY-Wave Plasma Currents engages Level-1 E-LAi-sian Solar Symbiosis (Tryptolase KHY-Wave Generation) within the Chismatic Field Core Plasma Template and Neuruonal Template, which in turn initiates engagement of the Cos-MY'ah Tan-Tri-A'jha Fold and Catheion Crucible Synoptic Bond between the Chismatic Field Neuronal Template and the Sun-8 DhA-ya-TEi PLanes of the Fail-Safe Krystal River Host.


This is the "Level-1 Activator Code of the E-LAi-sian Solar Symbiosis KHY-Wave Generation".

Introduced 5/2013 as part of the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings - The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™.


The Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings and related technologies are offered for theoretical exploration only; not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, ailment or affliction.