• KHY-Wave Code Poster

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  • Posters shipped Separately
  • Printed in-house on High Quality Inkjet 12-color printer.
  • Available sizes: 12", 24" & 60" widths
  • Poster Types: Satin, Metallic & Canvas
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 The KHY-Wave Code was first brought through during the May 2013 Tan-Tri-Ahura workshop. 

On a larger scale KHY Currents circulate through the Cos-MY'ah on KHY waves of Tryptolase, re-igniting the Organic Eternal Life Process of Solar Symbiosis, throughout the Cos-'MY'ah Creation.

This code is also known as the Catheion Crucible Synoptic Bond Code which allows us to initiate E-LAi-sian Axon Bonding and E-LAi-sian Vagal sheathe activation (see: May 2013 DVD workshop).