• Ta-Rha'-Ta "Riding Wave" Key Poster

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  • Posters shipped Separately from other products
  • Printed in-house on High Quality Inkjet 12 color printer.
  • Available sizes: 12", 24" & 60" widths
  • Poster TypesSatin, Metallic, Gloss & Canvas
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 The Ta-Rha'-ta ("Riding Wave") Key Code was first brought through during the KDDL2™ live workshop on March 2015.

The Ta-Rha'-ta Key code is a Primary Elemental Air Command Pana-KHY ELF TrhU'-ah Code Master-Key that releases TrhU'-ah Elemental Panah-KHY current flow within the body and surrounding plasma templates. 

ELF (Equilibrium Lull Force Field) Power-Phase Codes simultaneously activate the 3 Primary TrhU'ah Elemental Flows within the corresponding "round" of the TrhU'-ah Flows Encryption Template, initiating progressive activation and accretion of  the corresponding Integral Bridge™ Plasmantik Pana-KHY Spectra frequencies of the KrystalBridgeWay™ Fail-Safe Network for expedited EarthCync™ alignment and engagement. Activation of the ELF field Panah-KHY Spectra allows for the blending of Internal-Chismatic D-Planes Plasma & External-Keylontic Creation Currents to form the Plasmantik KrystalBridgeWay™ Elemental Flows of the "Un Es'-pa Ta-Rha'-ta" ("One Ever-Shining Riding Wave"), opening Elemental Flow between Internal Creation DhA-Yah-TEi Planes and External Creation.