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84 Page Handbook PDF


Introduction to "ShiftMasters™, HostMasters™ & the EarthCYNC™ Celebration" - August 9-13 2014, Sarasota FL

Holy-SHIFT!... It’s the Kryst-Shift™ the Cos-MY’ah has long been waiting for… A Journey of Discovery, Exploration, Understanding, Joy & Celebration.

Discover the AMCC-MCEO Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings-Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™ next level - ShiftMasters™, HostMasters™ & EarthCync™ Programs.

This introductory workshop course will help you to Understand what it means to BE on a Kryst-Shifting Planet and why we are able to Enjoy the Greatest Kryst-Flows on Aurora Ascension Earth™ at this time.

The new ShiftMasters™ Program will introduce participants to Shifters™, ShiftMakers™ & ShiftMasters™; Big-Life-NOW!™ Big-Life-HOW? Big-Life-WOW! - Schema-Shifting, Meme-Magic & Taming the “Goat Brain” topics of discussion.

This is the start of something BIG, as the ShiftMasters™ General Program will evolve to become a 12-Level Seminar Course employing the AMCC-MCEO EarthCync™ & ShiftMasters™ Biospiritual Consciousness Technologies™ .

The HostMastersPart-1 and Part 2 introductions cover brand new topics including The Fire-Waters of E-LAi-sa, Calling the E-LAi-sian Guard & the EarthCYNC™ Activation Celebration, EarthCync™ & They Call the Winds A-RhI-yah, The E-LAi-sian Fields, Earth’s Silver-Seed, The Vapors of A-RhA-yah and the E-LAi-sian Time-Shift™. New Technical aspects of the following were also introduced: The Catheion Global Broadcast Station™, Planetary E-LAi-sian Silver-Seed Neurological System™, E-LAi-sian Silver-Seed™ Eternal-Life Krystar Circulatory System™, E-LAi-sian Solar Symbiosis™, Potentialities of Neuroplasticity, HydroAcousticHarmonics™ &Tan-Tri-Ahura Chismatic Self-Healing™.

This workshop also served to give participants answers to some poignant questions such as:
• What part of Cos-MY’ah anatomy is referred to as “The E-LAi-sian Guard” & what does it mean to “Call It”?
• What occurred in the Planetary Templar on 6/28/13, that redirected our 10/13 Bali trip to Aruba 4/2014?
• What Gift from the Orca Whales deserves a “Krystic Salute of Acknowledgement & Thanks?”

Techniques & Journeys:
The E-Lai-sian Vagal Sheathe
The RAS, Circadian Rhythms
•  Codes of A-RhI-yah Chismatic Silver-Seed BREVITY CODES

Hitch a Ride with your Aurora Ascension Earth & Wake Up to YOUR Big-Life-NOW!™

All Materials ©2013 E’Asha Ashayana & ©2013 ARhAyas Productions. Offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.

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