• 2017 Programs Schedule & Quick Check-in-2 posting (Expanded - Coming Soon)


    E’Asha has just released the Arhayas Productions® 2017 Programs Schedule featuring continuation of the KDDL Course® Series, HOSTMASTERS℠ Series, and  SHIFTMASTERS® Series Livestream Workshop Programs. The 2017 Programs Schedule is posted in Live Events. Link

    She also just released the Jan 20, 2017 Quick Check-in-2 posting, to update everyone on the progression of the YhU-Rha’-Dha Awakening, status of Complimentary Up-Shift Tool-3: Krystal Caverns Safe-Haven Activation EarthCync℠ Free Link-In Technique & related topics. The Quick Check-in-2 is posted in New Posts. (Expanded - Coming Soon)


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