Description from the back cover:

Call of the RhAyas and the AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network of Peru
October 2012

The fourth Guardian inspired journey to mystical, magical Peru and final grid work preparation before
the Dec 21st 2012 Workshop event.Journey with us as we learn and understand more about Peru from
the higher plasma-frequency perspective. Amazing new dispensations covered the pre-Inka times & 5
Clans of Phims (Clans of ARhAyas) of which many of us were a part.

Learn the secrets of special, sacred sites in Peru and their important connections to the current Fail-
Safe. Understand more about why it is beneficial to physically visit certain grids for “Data Harvesting”,
which entails picking up the frequency information we left behind in the grids for us to now receive.
Experiences include the opening of the Passage to RhAyas Island and re-direction of the NavAHo
Passages to the AL-Hum-Bhra Passages (also known as DhA’-ya TEi Span Gates).  Also included are the
Sun-8 AL-Hum-Bhra K+8 Baptism transmissions, which the group first received in the hotel pool & the
stand in the Morey Ruins which activated the Sun-2 Plasmas.

Further dispensations covered brand new material on “Releasing the Curse of BhrALindt”, “The Star
Riders of the Kryst” , “The Time Lords of the FataLE” & the “Trinity Bridge” Braid of Eternal Life. The
Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra Parts 1 & 2 was also released during this time.

1.Golden-Silver Thread of Tan-Tri A’Ra AL-Hum-Bhra - (Ollantaytambo) Cusco
2. Opening of the Sun - 3 reservoir - Pisac Ruins                                                      
3. Opening of the Sun - 2 reservoir - Moray Ruins                                                   
4. Opening Sun-1 reservoir - Sumac Hotel                                                                 
5. “Freedom from the bondage” Part 1 - Aquas Caliente (Vilcanota River)        
6. “Freedom from the bondage” Part 2 - Aquas Calient(Vilcanota River)           
7. Plasma Generator Crystals /Pillar activation - Machu  Picchu                          
8. Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra - Part 1                                                                               
9. Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra - Part 2                                                                               
10. Shadra journey - RhAyas Island - Machu Picchu - Introduction                        
11.Shadra journey - RhAyas Island - Machu Picchu - Journey                                  
The below paragraph is provided by the Beloved’s on January 3rd, covering some technicals   of what
was accomplished during the Peru workshop period.

“… Beginning activation of the Planetary AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals  Network  and release of the
Planetary Golden Handcuffs initiated permanent severing of the Metatronic Deathstar  Merkaba 21-spin-
reversed same –spin-spiral-set of PKA Parallel Earth and the 34-spin-reversed same –spin-spiral-set
Metatronic Deathstar Merkaba of PCM Net Earth (our Earth). The progressive severing of these 2 aspects
of the Planetary Metatronic Deathstar Merkaba Fields progressively and permanently blocked opening of
the Planetary Metatronic Alpha-Omega Gates between PKA Parallel Earth , the Bourgha Matrix and the
Toral Rift pace-time distortion field , and our PCM Net Earth from the “reversed 55 spin-speed” of the
Deathstar Merkaba activation(from 5/2012) , to a spin-speed of 34-reversed. These “AMCC-MCEO
Prelude Activations “taking place during the 10-11/2012 Peru trip permanently blocked FAtalE invasion
of PCM Net Earth Gates , initiated permanent Planetary Deathstar Merkaba De-activation, fully
prevented activation of the “PCM-34-R/PKA-21-R=55.5” Planetary Deathstar Merkaba and permanently
prevented the FAtalE’s intended PCM NetEarth’s 12/21/2012-2/16/2013 pole- shift into the Toral Rift
alignment. The AMCC-MCEO Prelude Activations also prepared PCM Net Earth for the amazing healing
via the Planetary ARhAyas Silver Seed Fail-Safe Activations.”