• April 2013 Workshop DVD Set

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Includes 5 DVDs, 1 Technique CD & Handbook PDF

  • DVDs will be sent in the mail. Handbook is currently download only.

 Thanks to the next level of Plasma activations, finally, after 13 years of building frequency, we have been gifted with the powerful Level 1 "Advanced Healing Programs", comprising part of the larger Tan-Tri-A'Ra Plasma Self-Healing Technologies from the AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Discs.

The April workshop took us through 6 Sessions of the Advanced AL-Hum-Bhra Teachings, revealing new correlations between Spirit, Science, Physics and ... Psychology.

To further assist us with grounding and 3D application of this new information we were invited to an amazing talk from Guest Speaker Dr. Jason Quintal, who has been achieving amazing results with people suffering from trauma utilizing his progressive, holistic, effect-driven approaches.

Throughout this workshop we also discover what are known as CHISMS, the CHISMATIC FIELD, Mystique of MEMEs, the Secrets of SCHEMA, Epi-Genetic-Overlay (EGO), Maladaptive Memes, Sorrowful Schema and Tan-Tri-A’RA Chismatic Self-Healing.

New frequencies activated at this workshop correspond to the “E-LAi-sa Awakening”, the key Sun-8 frequencies required for “Chismatic Self-Healing”. These Plasma currents are called the “E-LAi-sa Krystar Silver-Seed Crystal Flows”, which anchored during the Beach Event Grid Work via The Cathedral Network. The associated Spirit Body DhA'-ya-TEi Plane Plasma level structures and how they fit with the rest of our anatomy is also included.

Expansion on the subject of psychology and spirit is also given, detailing our mental and emotional bodies and the hidden forces that "move your mind and energize your emotions", such as MEmotypes, MEmoplexes, MEmetics and SCHEMA.

Further topics brought forth in this workshop include Meme-Fields, the Scheming of Schema, Hidden Controls on your Co-Creative Empowerment, Polarity-game Filters, Narcissist norms, Doormatist Distress, Nefarious Narcs , Conversational War-Fare Tactics of the FAtalE & Friends and more.

This amazing workshop concluded with us being given information on “The Gift of E-LAi-sa Awakening”, “Free Will Choice and Consequence”, “Finding your True Self, remembering your Original Divine Eternal Nature and Embodying your innate Divinity.

And finally ... Through the 'Journey to the Flame of E-LAi-sa' and associated 'AM/PM meditation techniques', you too are given the opportunity to learn how to communicate and co-create with the Flame of E-LAi-sa.