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100 Page Chart Pack (Instant access PDF Download)

Last AMCC-MCEO Master-Grid Event & Workshop of 2014
August 15-19, 2014 Sarasota, FL
Introduction to Tan-Tri-A’Ra -The Art of Bio-Spiritual Self-Healing™-
hiftMasters™- Course-2 Intro  -  Proga™, “Ahura-gami” & the Paragon Complex - 
The “Sounds of Light,  Music on the Air & the Joyful Dance of Atoms” -The Progon, Ahuragon, Paragon & Pole Sun Bio-Keys to your Infinite Eternal; Consciousness States, the “Wave-of-YOU & the Space-Behind-Words”, Time-Wave Expansion & EarthCync™ EFFI Flow Energy Management Systems. 


  • New Tan-Tri-A’Ra™ -Proga™ Techniques – Theoretical Bio-Spiritual Neuro-genesis Techniques for Self-Healing through revival of the Paragon within the embodied fascial & collagen-crystal-matrix Chismatic templates.
  • Frequency Speaking-Waters of Wisdom, Pebbles of Thought & the “Wave-of-All-Things; reviving the Cellular Memory Matrix
  • Seat of the White Lotus & Your Personal Paragon Cathedral –Clearing “Cue Zones” and Creating your Eternal-Authentic “YOU-ZONE
  • “EarthCync Life Support”-Expanding Your Time-Wave- Suggested Daily Practices, Happy Habits, Supporting Supplements & Empowering Play in EarthCync™ EFFI Flow Energy Management.
  • Brenaui , Amenti, “Fire Letters”, the Planetary Paragon & the Cathedrals of Time- The “End of the End of the Ancient War of Attrition” & the Victory Stand of the Krystal River Fail-Safe Host. DRUMMERS WELCOME!
  • Freedom for Freedom-Planetary Integral Bridge Act.2 – The Ananda Awakening & the 2017 Portal of Promise
  • Bridging the “Great Divide”-Amenti, the Ananda Codes & EarthCync-Paths of the Krystal River Fail-Safe Host
  • Future of the Freedom Teachings® & Status Briefing on the AP Website.
  • Introduction to the EFFI Flow Business Model™ & the New AMCC-MCEO Up-Shift Teaching Platform. Looking ahead to December 2014, 2015 & beyond.
  • Freedom & the Good Life- A Thanks-Giving Tribute ARhAyas Productions Actitude™ media project


 All Materials © E’Asha Ashayana & ™ 2013 ARhAyas Productions. Offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction

 Also Includes Special Presentation by:

  • "Dr. Q" Jason Quintal – “How to Direct Your Brain for a Change: 5 Simple Tools to Up-Shift Yourself Anywhere!”