• Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living - 2 (KDDL2) Workshop DVD Set

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Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living KDDL Course™ Series -

Element 2 Expanded & ShiftMasters 2 Intro:


“Being There, Being Human, Being Present”,

the Endless Love Field, Eternal memory

& the Planetary Pan-Clair’-ah Awakening


Mar 21 - Aug 28, 2015
Sarasota, Florida & Oslo, Norway



Product contains:

KDDL2 DVD Workshop – 12DVDs + 1 Technique CD – 28hrs of Video

KDDL2 Manual (Printed or Digital Download PDF) – 380 Pages

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ARhAyas Productions presents:

KDDL-2 Expanded & ShiftMasters-2 Intro: “BEING THERE, BEING HUMAN, BEING PRESENT”,

the Endless Love Field, Eternal Memory & the Planetary Pan-Clair’-ah Awakening.


With over 6 months of translation time, 28hrs of workshop presentation, and 13 techniques,

this workshop has set new records for information translated and presented.


This double-length program contains the following technical presentations:


Orientation (& Introduction): KDDL General Element Orientation - Least to know for all

KDDL Elements,

• Part-1: Review of Plasmantik Anatomy

• Part-2: Review of Planetary Anatomy

• Part-3: Recap Summary of KDDL-1: Proga™, Tan-Tri Whel of Freedom, 15 VARS,

EarthCync™, TrhU’-ah Body & Flows, Virtual Voyagers Shield & VoyageScapes™

• Part-4: KDDL Element-2 Introduction


Session-1: New Journey Focus Session: KaLA’ Oc‘Sha-TA Seals, ELF-LUV Field, Pana-KHY

Passage, Flux-Wave Field & Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-ta Solar Pulse KrystalBridgeWay™ Access Code



Session-2, Part-1: Panoramas of the Pana-KHY: the Pan-Clair’-ah & Pana-coa-le’-ta

Compound Templar activations & the Krystalbridge™ Doorways


Session-2, Part-2A: TIME: Time-Wave Vector Accretion, Merkabic Expansion & the

Transfiguration Factor


Session-2, Part-2B: The Long & Short Way Home, Understanding the Plasma Body,

Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration, preview of the 8 stages of TrhU’-ah Body Activation & the 8

steps of the Pan-Pan Dance


Session-3, Part-1: The TrhU’-ah Flows Frequency Rounds Formula, Elemental Flows Codes

and 12-Year-Leap Expedited Rounds 1-4.


Session-3, Part-2: The Power Phase Triptec Codes