• May 2013 Workshop DVD Set

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The Tan-Tri-Ahura - The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™ Teachings:
The Waters of E-LAi-sa: Tan-Tri-A'Ra™ Chismatic Self-Healing Level-2 -
The E-LAi-sian Seal and the 8-Step E-LAi-sian Encoding Process


Includes 4 DVDs, 1 Technique CD & Handbook PDF (Optional)

  • DVDs will be sent in the mail. Handbook is currently download only.

This May 24-30, 2013 workshop explores the “Tan-Tri-A’Ra Chismatic Self-healing System™” Level-2, which originates from the KumA’yah AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disk Book 5, called the “E’LAi-sa Aquai-ah AL-Hum-Bhra” – “Book of Sacred Ceremony™”; also referred to as “The Book of E’LAi-sa™”

As part of this workshops involvement in the E’LAi-sa Tan-Chi’-TEi Awakening - Part 2, we were also introduced to the “E’LAi-sa Code”, which is responsible for ensuring that the Eternal Life Kryst Code perpetually remains Eternal, by resetting the Eternal Krystar-Core Helio-Plasmic Silver-Seed Encryption within the Chismatic Field Core Internal-Plasma Template of manifest Cos-MY’ah creation.

Concepts involving the brain and neuronal structures, such as the Tan-Chi’-TEi Neuronal Template, Personal & planetary Neuroplasticity & Neurocircuitry were explored in relation to Chismatic Self-Healing. Learn how growing new Neuro-Networks while working with these structures will assist us in holding the E’LAi-sian frequencies within our physical body, in turn progressively enabling us to tune in to the Median Earth Frequency Fields.

New details of the E’LAi-sian frequencies were released - how they can clear Plasma Template distortions and create lasting protection buffers associated with the FAtalE Affliction. We learned where the Plasma Template interfaces are in relation to the rest of our anatomy, the role of the Vagus Nerve, and the Central and Autonomic Nervous System within the context of Chismatic Self-Healing.

Utilizing the “E’LAi-sian Stimulation” process, we will begin to awaken dormant bio-spiritual potentials within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and plasma-body anatomy.

Journeys & Techniques:

• Opening the Temple-3 E-LAi-sian Aquifer Seals (Beach Grid Work)
• Journey to the Waters of E-LAi-sa
• Opening the Temple -2 E’LAi-sian Aquifer Seals - “Receiving the Seal of E’-LAi-sa/the E’LAi-sian Seal” Transmission - Personal Tan-Chi-TEi Neuronal Template Transmission/Activation.
• Activating the E’LAi-sian Seal A) E-LAi-sian Tan-Chi-TEi Fetal Attunement & B) E-LAi-sian Tan-Chi-TEi Frontal Attunement


All Materials ©E’Asha Ashayana & ™2013 ARhAyas Productions. Offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.