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141 Page Chart Pack (PDF Electronic Download - Instant access)

Welcome to our first ARhAyas Tan-Tri-Ahura™ Immersion retreat, situated on the sunny shores of Palm Beach Aruba!

This ShiftMasters™ Course is the first in the 12-Course ShiftMasters™/ HostMasters ™/ EarthCync™ Series; part of the AMCC-MCEO Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™

In over 14 and a half hours of live presentation time, the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™ Keynote  Program includes:

* Exciting new Tan-Tri-Ahura™ Teachings Integral Bridge™ & Plasmantiks™ technologies, including introduction to 6 “Plasmantiks Apps™” ( no, they’re not for your cell phone).

* Introduction to the Krystal River Host Big Dream Vision-Mission, the KRH DroemmeBoalge™, KRH DroemmeTeam™, the DroemmeMestere™ Awakening & the Ahu-Stri’-yah E-LAi-sa Al-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disc Libraries of A-RHI’-yah.

* Multiple Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings™ Sessions, including ShiftMasters™ and HostMasters™  Sessions, 2 EarthCync™events and several site-tour & private pool Celebrations.

* A “ShiftMasters™ Perspectives Panel” interactive Speakers Q&A Roundtable

This workshop contains a huge amount of never before seen data. Other workshop session  topics include:

“Things that go bump in the night”-the Authentic Self & Inorganic Bi-polar Body. Beasties,  Banshees, Goat Brain & the Plasma Body Split; Banishing Your Beasties , the “C-FREE  Command” Plasmantiks™ App & DroemmeMestere™ greeting.

Operation Un-Plug, Shifting the Ties that Bind You - The KarUsic Templates, Algorithms, the  LAMA, the RAS, the LOA & the “Switchboard”.

A-RHI’-yah KHY-Site 2 Engagement -1 & Daily Do; El Faro Blanco “Light House" Celebration.

The HostMasters™ Vision & Mission: Shift your LAMA, Shift your Life- Intentions, Projections,  Outcomes, Impact, Sacred Language & Song; the Integral Bridge™, “KRH DroemmeTeam”,  “Integrally Speaking LAMA Shift-1”, and the A-RHI’-yah Dream-Wave Up-Shift Engagement.

The KRH DroemmeTeam Vision & Mission: Night Vision & the Stuff that Dreams are Made Of -  Dream Projection & the Libraries of Time, Weavers, Warriors, Cave-dwellers &  DroemmeMestere™ of the Sacred Dreamtime, Learning to See in the Dark, “Integral Vision LAMA Shift-2”

“Karrier Waves of the KRH, the Power of Presence in Broadcasting Brevity-a few examples,  the Theme Song for the Krystal River Host, and the “Integral Bridge™ Sound The Songs Project”. If we Link them they will Hum; if we Cync them they will Run!

Looking Forward, Onward, Upward & Dreamward in the “KRH A-RHI’-yah Dream-Wave Up-Shift”- a quick-peek at the August 2014 program preview- “The Integral Bridge™, Integral Realities™, Plasmantiks™ & introduction to the PROGA™ Perspective.

Please note: This product includes E'Asha's presentation sessions only. It does not include Guest Speaker presentations (DrQ, Suchi Waters). These will be released as separate products at a later date.

All materials and presentations are offered for Theoretical Exploration only.
Not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.