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  • 8/10/2016 “FAIL-SAFE 5TH ANNIVERSARY NOTE” - Part2

    Hi Everyone!  E'Asha just posted the continuation of the Fail-Safe 5th Anniversary Note from yesterday. See the "New Posts" section to read it. Kind Regards,ARhAyas Productions

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  • EarthCync™ Free Link-In Journey Released!

    A new journey has been released! For those that wish to catch up with the latest frequencies and activations this "Journey to the EFF-i-yah State - Parts 1-5 EarthCync™ Free Link-In" has been provided for download. The full 12 Part-48 Step journey was released in the KDDL2 workshop and will be released in the future as a separate product. This EarthCync™ Free Link-In is Parts 1-5 and Steps 1-27 of the full journey. If you wish to join the KDDL3&4 live events, but have not yet seen the earlier KDDL workshops, this journey will serve to bring you the latest...

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